Feature request: press and hold a key to preview

When I’m in Engrave mode, my score gets pretty cluttered with various overlays for spacing frames, and signposts. I often switch to Write mode (and switch off signposts) so I can feel like my work is staying grounded in the actual final output.

I think it would be really helpful to have an option to assign a key command that, when pressed and held, shows the score (in the same view window and same zoom) without anything extra: a “print preview” of sorts. It wouldn’t jump anywhere, just temporarily remove all the non-printing elements.

I think this functionality would be most effective if the preview showed only while the key was being pressed, rather than a toggle.


Yaaaaaasss please!

(Although I’d like the option to hold for a quick preview as well as a toggle for longer review.)

Yes, this is something I’ve wanted to implement since we first started working on Dorico (it’s a feature I use all the time in FontLab when working on Bravura), and it’s on our backlog.


That’s great! Looking forward to it in the future.

I am pretty sure that I’ve read somewhere a couple of months ago that the “preview” in Engrave mode is possible already, but I am not able to find anywhere a shortcut for this function. I would appreciate your guidance.

See the manual here - the key command is “Hide Invisibles” but it’s also known as “instant print preview”.


That’s it! You are so quick… Many thanks!

I’ve got an unfair advantage in that it’s my job to know where all of these topics are :wink: would it be cheating to go on MasterMind with “the Dorico manual” - or even just Dorico - as my specialist topic? Almost certainly…


It’s not just in Engrave mode: you can do it in Write mode, too (probably only in Page View).