(FEATURE REQUEST) Preview/load VST effects using MediaBay


I don`t have found a way to:

  • preview a VST effect from within MediaBay
  • load a VST effect preset directly from the MediaBay.

I`d love to be able to:

  • drag&drop a VST effect preset directly to an insert or send, or FX track
  • preview an audiofile with a VST effect preset selected in the media bay.

I found nothing about this specific issue in the manual.
With VST instruments this works like a charm, but especifically for effects I haven`t find a way.

Any ideas?


Disable Control Room.

Or use the Control Room, and settings the right way.

I mean, set your main output as Monitor 1 Output in the Studio tab.

Was disabled all the time.

Not sure if I understand well, I can use effects, I just not able to preview FX from within MediaBay.


The Monitor 1 bus is used as preview bus for all window, like MediaBay, or Import Audio. If you don’t here preview of these windows, use Monitor 1 bus in the VST Connections > Studio tab. Route this bus to your main output, or your monitors, which you are using for previews.

Sounds logical.
I´ll give it a try, next time I have a chance.


I don’t think the problem is routing. He’s talking about VST Effect Presets. Like Compressor, Filter and the like. So he wants to use the Media Bay to audition these with an audio file and to also drag and drop them into the Mixer or Inspector. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out a way to do this. But I think it’s a very good idea. Imagine being able to use the Media Bay to extract presets from a previously saved project. All you would have to do is navigate to the Cubase file, double click it to then see all the tracks, double click on a track to see all inserts and then drag and drop a particular insert onto the current project. Would be pretty cool!

Oh, I see. PreSonus Studio One can use Insert (of event) effects by Drag & Drop. :wink: But there is no Preview too.

Yes, dude, you understand exactly my problem. Let`s hope they implement it some way. Could be as easy as PREVIEW EFFECT ON SELECTED TRACK for example. Besides Drag&Drop from inside MediaBay would be a nice feature too.



true… at the moment, the vst (not vsti) presets in the media bay just take up space doing nothing practical that i can think of.