Feature request - Project folder


Would it be possible in a future update of Wavelab to have it generate a folder for new Montages like Pro Tools does when you create a new session?

I mean if we make a new Montage from scratch Wavelab would automatically make a folder containing this montage, and give that folder the same name as the montage. The folder would automatically contain the standard subfolders “Data”, “Backup” and a couple of new ones called for example “mixes” or “rendered files”.

Basically you don’t have to make these folders yourself every time you create a new project. Would be really nice to not have to do this manually for every new project. So every brand new Montage would automatically be placed within such a folder, containing these sub folders.

It would also be amazing if when you go to render a file it would default to render to the “rendered files” folder within this project folder, unless you specify a different location. Pro Tools defaults to bounce mixes to the “Bounced Files” folder within its session folder. This is really handy.

Yes, this will happen.

Fantastic! Looking forward to it☺️