Feature request: Project reporting

I would like to have the possibility to create reports/queries on a set of Cubase projects. Something like what is possible with EXIF and other metadata in Lightroom.

Hi Arimus

I had a think about what you said.
I also had a think to the magnificent .ini files of the Unreal Graphics Engine
I also had a think about Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, and third-party exif programs like iExif.

I also think of how in the last few years, Cubase has been getting more and more facilities for saving snapshots and complex presets [load entire track with VDSTi’s and Plugins]

I conclude that your idea is ripe for third-party geeks to get busy. Now.
I know I’d certainly use it a lot. As soon as I read your post, it was the matter of seconds for me to replace photo exif info with a projected set of exif equivalents for audio. It would be the ideal complement to Steinberg’s recent addition of that wave-file library organizer they developed. It would provide that degree of organization, but ABOVE the ‘component level’

I say ‘third party’, because I bet the data needed is embedded at quite a high level of organization within the 'cpr file. Not immediately at user-level like the Unreal Engine was, but close enough for someone to cream the data and present it in a database format.

Integration within Cubase could give exciting access-choices, but I’m guessing third-party would be a realistic start.

All the best