Feature request: propagate score formatting

Nowadays I like to make a separate iPad score for playing from, with different margins and space size from the Full Score which is for printing or publishing. It would be really handy if I could make a duplicate score layout which takes over the same settings, manual adjustments, properties, etc. from the original score, and then make the few adjustments necessary for the iPad version. Unfortunately this new score takes over the default settings, so I have to repeat all the actions I already performed on the Full Score. The varying requirements of different scores make it impossible to create a set of defaults which will work for all documents.

With a recent document, I made a score layout which needed a considerable amount of manual adjustment. I had assumed that this would be all I’d need so I didn’t bother to propagate properties every time I made manual adjustments. I only decided later that I also wanted a special iPad layout, but not only did I need to redo all the formatting, I also needed to go back and select each element I’d manually adjusted and propagate its properties. This took a long time and was very accident-prone. In addition to being able to propagate the score formatting, I’d like to suggest that Propagate Properties be a setting which can be turned on and off, a bit like the infamous Insert function. This would mean that the user could choose to have all manual tweaks be propagated automatically. It might be a good idea, also for the Insert function, to implement some kind of visual reminder of its on-off state.

This is precisely what the new Set Local Properties Locally/Globally switch does, isn’t it? And then the fact that globally-set properties show bold text, and locally-set properties show regular text.

Yes, you’re right. I’m still functioning in the pre-3.5 paradigm! I’d very much like to see a way to propagate score formatting and properties, though.