Feature request: "Proper" sort by date in pool

I tried to sort my audio files in the pool recently to lump together files from a drum recording session done early this year. But it seems as though the sorting mechanism is a bit off, it sorts by name first, but not consistently, and “origin time” seems to be taken into account. So I have numerous occurrences where a drum take done before another is listed as being recorded one day later. Some origin times are way off for some reason, one is -4 bars (because of audio pre-record), the next can be at 233 bars, then one more at -4 and so on.

I’d find it very helpful if you could sort the files in the pool by origin date only, anyone else?


yes please, can’t believe that you can’t sort files in the pool by date… prehistoric

and why does the date have to be in american date form, why can’t we choose…

come on sort the pool out, it hasn’t changed in years… at least allow us to sort as it is meant to work, DATE SORT DOES NOT WORK