[Feature Request] Push-Pull Tool for the Key Editor

Years ago I had this feature request in the old forum, and with a nice line of “+1” responses, but the visitor pool was much larger then. Anyway:

Now when you select a line of Automation Points or MIDI CC# points you get a little frame around them.
There are all sorts of handles you can push and pull up and down to adjust one or many values in one go in a intuitive and nice human friendly way and this is in almost all directions. Très cool!!!

What if …
you also had the possibility to adjust the timing as well?

I just happened to poke around in Paint … yes, THAT Paint. M$ Paint. Bare with me anyway.

There is a Tool in Paint that sort of feels like the Push-Pull tool I’m trying to describe here.
It’s the Curve Tool, first row in the toolbox, second tool, in the middle of the top menu.
If you can’t find it I’m gonna spank you! :smiling_imp:

EZ Tutorial:

  1. Draw a line with the mouse (point-click-drag-release).
  2. Click and hold down somewhere else in the “painting”.
  3. Pull the mouse around. Now the first line starts to bend out of shape but in a controllable manner.
  4. Release.
  5. Click and pull the mouse around once more. Now the line starts to bend in another direction.
  6. Release.
  7. Now you have a more "interesting "line …

Back to Cubase!
To make subtle accelerando/ritardando adjustments or spectacular bouncing ball sound effects or aiming at a frame in a movie clip while scoring to ease things into place would be smooth, easy, fast and intuitive with such a tool. Of course you have to rethink it since notes are not a line. But say you make a selection, and put your mouse down 50% of the way between the first and the last note and then drag to the right. This would increase the distance between the notes to the left and decrease the distance between the notes on the right. Starting 25% or 75% with the pushing or pulling would have other effects.

Wouldn’t that be a smooth tool? :sunglasses:

Yes please :slight_smile:

Yes to the tool, no to the spanking. :blush: :wink:

Nevermind haha … or major oops rather! It’s already there :blush:

I just found the “stretch” command!
While poking around the cursor changed to a dual arrow kind of thingy? :confused:
“WTF is that!” :imp:



A freakin’ Push-Pull Tool!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Hello, it’s me again!
It’s only working for controller data! :confused:

So I’ll rephrase my request to also include notes also.
The same behavior, same dual arrow tool and same same.
Just add notes that we can move back and forth.
Other than that it’s perfect as it is! :sunglasses:

Spank yourself Ulf!

Completely futile … it will only get me aroused! :confused: :blush:
Don’t tell anybody on the interweb, though!

Well…push pull… :open_mouth: .

Mauri :wink: .

x-actly … there are Cubase features for everyone! :laughing:


I haven’t given up!

I used the Logical Editor to transform Notes to Modulation and back to Notes again.
While the MIDI events where Modulation I used the infamous pull-push tool to move them as described above.
So far so good you might think?
Alas the pull-push thinge is linear so all the notes to the left of the insertion point ends up at the same distance between each other.
Same of course for the notes to the right of the insertion.
What I’d like to see is a smooth transition all of the way through the notes.
Which means I’m back in Paint … :confused:

No cigar, Steinberg? :frowning: