Feature request: re-locate sound libraries (point to new location)

When a user manually moves the HALion sound libraries, Steinberg Library Manager - and ideally Dorico too - should give users a simple way of pointing to the new location.

I’m aware that you can tell Library Manager to move the sounds. But if you didn’t know that, or forgot, and moved the libraries yourself, it’s a bit of a mess.

Library Manager would want you to re-install the libraries.

Eventually I found a forum post here with the helpful tip that simply double-clicking on a sound file in the new location will trigger Library Manager to scan that location and recognize the libraries.

Excellent! Except that this isn’t documented in the Library Manager Operation Manual. (Even Ulf didn’t know about it!)

It took me a couple of tries to get this to work yesterday. The first time, Library Manager found all the libraries, but then when I re-launched it - or maybe it was when I launched Dorico - they were gone. I tried again, and this time it stuck.

Other developers have implemented this well:

In Native Instruments’ “Native Access” app, there’s a “Re-locate all” button.

Spectrasonics is even better. If you move the “STEAM” folder (where their libraries are stored) to a new location, and then launch one of their instruments, Omnisphere 2, for example, a message pops up saying “STEAM folder not found. Would you like to locate it?”

Click “yes”, and you get a macOS “Open” dialog box and navigate to the new location.

Omnisphere automatically tells the other Spectrasonics instruments where the STEAM folder is, so when you launch Trillian or Keyscape, you don’t have to repeat the process. Easy!