Feature request re: playhead

Would it be possible to allow dragging of the playhead to specific positions in the score? Better yet, maybe create the ability to click a position above the top staff and have the playhead jump to that position (like clicking in the ruler in Logic Pro)? Taking it one step further, maybe double click and have playback start from that position? I use the key command option P a lot to get the playhead to jump to a selected note which works nicely, but I’d prefer to click somewhere if possible.

This would be a terrific addition, as would the ability to move the playhead to rehearsal marks. Not sure how much of a programming task this might be.

Love these ideas. In the meantime, you can use (video) Markers to quickly navigate to different sections of the score (at least I’ve found this quite useful). I imagine you could, for example, create a marker at each rehearsal mark and could even add text to further explain what’s going on at those various locations, etc.; then just click in the Marker list (as long as it’s not the last one you already selected immediately prior) to jump quickly to that spot in your score…

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There is a command (new in 2.1 I think) to move the play head to the position of the current selection.

Great suggestion about using markers for navigation. I hadn’t thought of that because I don’t score for video.

Paul, the new command is option P which allows the playhead to jump to the current selection. It is very useful.

Thanks, I’ll have to check that suggestion out.

To be sure it will take time for Dorico to flesh out it’s feature set. That’s understood.

My previous notation software was Notion, and when you create rehearsal marks (you can customize it’s text) it adds them to a dropdown list at the top of the window from which you can select the one where you want the cursor, the view, and playback to begin. A really nice feature for two reasons.

First, for long orchestral scores it makes navigation less tedious.

Second, for temporary reasons as part of composition. Whatever you’re working on, often you need to break it down into subsections in order to experiment and make correction. Often I will play them back repeatedly, skipping around, listening carefully to make sure what I write matches what I want to hear, then editing or re-orchestrating as needed. It’s not uncommon for this process to even yield new ideas. Setting up temporary markers for this stage of the process is very helpful. The less time you have to spend distractedly searching for where you want to place the cursor the more you can spend focused on the task at hand.

From what we’ve been told Dorico has so much going on under the hood that programming such things can be more difficult than other notation programs. Who knows. It may be awhile before such things can be implemented.

Thanks Paul. Is this something different than the “P” command, which I use often? If so, I need to check that out too.

The new command is option “P” and it moves the playhead to the current selection rather than playing from the selection like when pressing “P”

Ah, thanks. I’ll make a note of that.

I jumped to soon and wrote a post then wanted to delete it. Is there a function to delete a post once posted?

My bad. I found it. On Windows it is Fn-P … and that brings playhead to where we are working. YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE ! ! ! Thanks again.