Feature request: Realtime input with movable tempo

Requested feature description: possibility to use real input without a fixed tempo, by taping the beats with an assigned key or damper.
Is it technically hard to program?
If this feature already exists or if someone already posted it, please tell me (I searched but didn’t find). Thank you

There is a tempo track in Dorico’s Key Editor that would let one vary the tempo.

@Menaggen maybe you mean this?:

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@Christian_R Thank you! Yes, it is exactly what I meant. I didn’t know that it exists in Finale.
So I see that I’m not the only one who wants that feature in Dorico.

Hyperscribe was already a feature in Finale 1.0 in 1988 (which was Mac only).

Interesting, and the Finale 1.0 hyperscribe included also the beat source\tap option?
So why doesn’t Dorico have this option that exists in Finale since 1988?
Nevertheless I won’t switch to Finale, mostly because of the Dorico insert mode and the possibility to change easily the time signature after the note input that make Dorico unique (and also the relatively low price).

Apparently, MakeMusic actually patented Hyperscribe. (I think someone mentioned this on another thread once.)
That could be one reason it’s not being emulated in Dorico.
(I keep Finale 27 installed and available just for this feature. After entering the notes, it’s easy to save as XML and import into Dorico, which I find is better in almost every other respect to Finale.)