Feature Request - Realtime Spectrum Analyzer

In my sweetest dreams it’s exists on every Channel Settings:

Whay do you say?

PS. Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:


I’d be for that. Though there are a lot of nice free ones out there. Try Voxengo’s if you really need one.

That aside, I totally agree that it should be incorporated into Cubase.

definately + 1

It would add to the overall professional appeal of cubase and/or nuendo.

Steinberg added two good reverbs, so now maybe they can add a Spectrum Analyzer to the “mix”.

This is a must…silly, cant think why on earth its not been included to date.

Voxengo Span is free.


So is BlueCat’s FreqAnalyst.

foolomon, Sherz
shure, guys, there are free analyzers, EQ’s, compressors, reverb etc. in the world, but the question is: “to have handy tools implemented in your DAW or to search them in the web?”

Sure. And we’ll throw in a copy of ProTools|HD2 for the same price. It’s a $26,000 value for only $499!

Seriously, BlueCat is free, and it’s quite a good VST. Stop complaining that you have to spend another 2 minutes to download and install it.

Still, no harm in asking for features… :wink:

I guess, but if you’re going to ask for features ask for true features not a 2m timesaver.

Yeah. like the MIDI pool and external writing of discrete MIDI files I asked for all those years ago…

Still waiting on VST 5.2! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

When they add it then you probably cannot turn it off and can’t mix 30 tracks with your Q6600 but only 24??
But when looking at Logic they seem to think it’s handy for the workflow (that’s my opinion to), I cannot decide :mrgreen:

in 2012 it will be even kinda wierd not having decent one inside the box. Voxengo i dont like, at least the default view which shows the highs too high. In sonalksis bundle the stereo tool is quite accurate but its small.Well the thing should be back of a eq, yes +1