[Feature Request] Recording into Group tracks, or Track to Track routing

The idea of this would be to record an AUv3 instrument or a processed Audio track into a new Audio track in real time. (like a real time freezing)
How possible would this be?

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Hi @INFrames,

Thanks for your message.
Normally we have the “Track Freeze” feature for this…

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Hi Lars,

Yes, I’m aware of it. But this is for real time recording, in a more performatic kind of way.
On top of that, Track to Track routing gives a lot of flexibility, and this is possible through the group tracks… but the group tracks cannot record.

the problem with track freeze is that some things are easier or only possible to do with live recording, rather than to record/write in midi and automation. Like for example Animoog Z has a very expressive MPE midi keyboard, which cannot really be recorded into cubasis 3 piano roll properly, since it does not support poly aftertouch. There is also many auv3s with parameters that cannot be automated or controlled by midi, but you can manually control using the GUI, with live record you can capture those sounds.

This forces people to use work arounds like using recorder auv3 in the audioFX slot, or to route the audio from cubasis back into it using audiobus or AUM.

Exactly my point! :slightly_smiling_face:

check this out for a work around, I have not tried it yet but looks very promising.

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the request has been shared with the team.


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