Feature Request: Remove All Layers

Hi, doing a lot of sound design with this.

Design a program, save it as a preset, then I want to move on.

I might want to use same settings, but just start fresh from samples.

Clear all samples would be nice.

Yes, it would be nice!

  1. Load Backbone.
  2. Hit SAVE.
  3. Confirm.

After that, you have a preset “Init” which is empty.

hi you’re missing the point that would also reset all parameters. the point is to reset the samples without reseting the parameters

@LoveGames What is the goal in “resetting the samples” and what does that mean? A zero/silence sample as a placeholder for each layer?
Besides that fact that you could prepare one (I suggest using mute instead), I’m probably too stupid to understand. I don’t see any parameters that are tied to samples. So - if you have a finished one sound and want to do the next one, simply replace the sample in a layer and you’re good to go.
If you want to save layer parameters, you can even save the layer as a template.
No, I don’t get you (yet). As mentioned before, I’m sometimes very stupid, so be so kind to demonstrate a real use case, if you don’t mind.

yes there are work arounds,

this is just a quick way to restart the layering process without losing parameters quickly.

It’s as simple as that. Efficiency, and less clicks. clicks bad.

Yes, definitely the UI is not finished yet (for example an empty layer is selected if a new preset is loaded that has less layers than the last loaded preset). Agreed.
Still, Backbone is THE best sound design tool I’ve seen since ages, and already a huge time saver.