Feature Request: Render in Place with Sidechain processing

I don’t know if this is a feature request or bug report.
I’ve been trying to Render in Place track which has engaged Sidechains in iZotope Neutron. Everything is rendered but not sidechain processing, which makes this functionality useless for tracks with sidechain.
If I remember correctly, sidechain works for Steinberg plugins.

Please, make it or fix it.

It can be done, unfortunately it is in Italian.

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Awesome! Many thanks, I own you :slight_smile:

Yes, I saw some ideas on how to go around it but fighting with something that simply should work is not the right way.

I hope that Steinberg will fix this and next Cubase will allow for rendering in place without the need to select every sidechain source track.
Now I have a project with quite complex sidechaining, often the sidechain is coming from many different tracks. So now, when project is finished (and full of tracks) I have to check every plugin with an active sidechain to be sure that I’m soloing every sidechain source.

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