Feature request - Render Selected Tracks


In the Render options you can render "Selected Title " as a Single Output but there is no option to render “Selected Titles” as an Multiple Outputs.

It would be great to have such an option as a complement to “Selected Clips” when you want to just render revisions to certain Titles/Clips in a Montage.

Would that be possible?


What do you mean with “Multiple Outputs” ?

It is what the label says for render options with multiple files. :grinning:

So I would like an option saying “Selected Titles” and WL will render the 5 titles I have selected out of 12 in the montage, as a complement to “All Titles”.



Why not. But this would require a way to select multiple titles, which is currently not possible.


Yes, one way could be to be able to select multiple Titles in the Album tab in the same way as you can select multiple Clips in the Clip tab.

But also, when using the Single Output option for rendering “Selected Title”, it is currently enough to select a Clip in the AM Window.
So when doing so the Name for Render output is updated automatically and you can then render the “Selected Track”.

So based on that there could also be another option to be able to select multiple Clips in the montage window and then choose “Selected Titles” as Render option and the selected titles are rendered.

Just as it would if you have selected multiple clips and the option “All Selected Clips”