Feature Request: Repeated Bar restated on system option

I’d like the option to be able to, in a ‘repeated bar region’ restate the bar that’s being repeated every new system. I’ve seen this in parts I use as a model (and scores for that matter) to make it clear what needs to be repeated without having to move the eyes vertically. It seems right up Dorico’s alley to be able to handle this without having the user manually decide where each system break has to occur, clear the whole bar repeat section, remake the bar repeat section to fit the new length, then copy the bar clearing any unnecessary pieces (rehearsal mark, dynamics, etc. that don’t (re)apply because it’s a repeat of that bar) and then make a new bar repeat region following that bar to finish out the original length.

This has been requested in the past. Unfortunately it’s quite difficult to achieve at present because Dorico doesn’t take the casting-off into account when determining how the bar repeats should appear. But I agree it would be a good feature for us to have in the future.

I understand how difficult it would be to achieve this automatically, but still would love this as an option.

On a similar note, it would be nice to have a Layout Option that determines whether repeat bars are shown or not. For example, showing repeat bar signs in an instrumental part but having the music written out in the full score.

Another incarnation (may be easier to make) of this feature is restating contents after double barlines

IIRC This has been mentioned as something the Team would like to look into some time in the future.

Perhaps we could have manually entered music inside a repeat-bar section, and Dorico could hide the repeat-bar glyphs (but not the count)? This would not only let me manage the system restatements myself, but it also lets me make the count begin with the first iteration.

Playback would be problematic, though.