Feature Request: Reselect most recent selection [withdrawn by author]

EDIT: Nevermind, I realized that this wouldn’t work the way I want it to. Even in my example, there is no way it works because “most recent” would just reselect the slurs, which are no longer there. It’s not going to work correctly unless it could be designed to avoid that kind of confusion.

I often find myself wanting be able to reselect the most recent selection I made. I would be great to have a key command that does this. For example, I want a xylophone to double a trumpet part, so I copy the music over, but I don’t want all of the slurs and staccato marks, so I filter for slurs to delete them, but then the selection goes away and I have to reselect it.

You can undo a deselection, if “Follow Selection changes on Undo” is checked in application Preferences > Note Input & Editing > Editing.

Why not just copy across just what you want? ie do the filter (Filter>notes and chords) before you do the copy.


Not applicable when the modifications you are making is the reason that everything is deselected. E.g. if I undo after selecting something to delete, it will undo the deletion too.

Immediately you have pasted, just hit stacc (]) twice and they’ll all disappear.