Feature request: Rest position

Perhaps this has been requested before, but I did a quick search and didn’t see it. It would be great if Alt+ up or down arrow would adjust the vertical position property of a selected rest in Engrave mode. It seems so consistent with other Dorico commands that I keep catching myself doing it, LOL. Anyway, thanks for considering!

FredGUnn, it is possible already, but you have to enable the property first. I would like to support this request and would find it very helpful, if one could change the position immediately and if normal rests and bar rests would behave in the same way.

When one activates vertical positioning for a rest in the Properties Panel, it would also be handy if Dorico used the present position of that rest as a starting point instead of setting it to zero. Usually one only needs to nudge a rest slightly as opposed to having to move it from mid-staff. This has been remarked on before but I’d like to add my vote for more streamlined vertical rest positioning.


Yep, +1

There must be something about the way these things are programmed, since Finale also returns the rest to the central position when one tries to adjust it vertically.

I’d love to see the ability to nudge the rest starting with its existing position rather than the default.

You may be right about the programming, but so much in Dorico is so well thought-out and implemented, and so much of its programming defies the norms which have been defined by the available music notation programs.

I am not arguing with you on that.

Nudging up and down would be great. If Dorico would remember the automatic positioning as a starting point, all the better, although I’d still be happy with the key commands even if it resets to zero. It’s a step in the right direction.

I wish we could nudge side-to-side too (or change the voice column, but Daniel has stated definitely in the past that this will not be done, (presumable for technical reasons.) It’s just frustrating when you want to nudge a rest and instead have to change the voice column of 5 other notes instead.)

This request is similar to the request asking that when you override the property, Dorico “knows” what the value of the property was and acts knowingly. For instance, when you change space size, it’s been requested that the value automatically entered then would be the value from layout options>page setup, instead of the big 1.75 (which has never suited my cases). Or if you override the slur beginning or end, it automatically selects the opposite to what is defined in Engraving options.
This is an extremely time consuming request in a programmer point of view, but would greatly improve the workflow from the user point of view.

I second this! Similarly to the rest positioning resetting when a small nudge would have sufficed, when I need to change space size, it’s generally by only a few hundredths of a space. Having to return to the previous value from 1.75 means having to have remembered it as well as waiting for Dorico to recalculate the layout once unnecessarily. These requests aren’t deal-breakers but they’d certainly improve the workflow.