Feature request: Rest vertical positioning


I propose two features for vertical rest positioning:

  1. Please, make available a keyboard shortcut to move a rest up or down, in the same way we move notes (ALT+arrow UP/DOWN). This would be a very good improvement! (if it is already possible, please, give me a hint!).

  2. When selecting “Rest pos.” property, it would be very useful to keep the rest position. Most of the time I only want to move the rest just one or two spaces up or down and if rest goes to the “0” position I have to move it a lot of spaces (specially when more than one voice is involved).

Thank you!


AMEN to #2. I feel almost certain I’ve requested this before.


Well, it’s the same problem than when you try to change space size in the Engrave mode properties : as soon as you override the setting, the value is set to a fixed default value instead of the value it had right before you override it. It’s been requested quite a number of times but it requires a lot of time and effort to implement, and new or missing features still get the priority (and I can certainly understand why).

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This would be AWESOME. :clap:t2:

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