Feature Request: Restore Montage Change - Tab shows Red for Change - to 9.5.5 Behaviour


In both 9.5 and 10 material changes to a montage … as in things like fade, change of plugin from an open dialogue … resulted in the Montage tab helpfully showing a red maker to alert you. This is useful.

However, WL10 seems to cause this to change for the slightest thing. Even just opening a plugin to check a setting. When you are working under pressure with a number of open montages, this can easily result in an error (saving something incorrectly) or at the very least requiring additional time to double check everything in that montage is as it should be.

WL 9.5 did not behave in this ‘hyper-alerting’ fashion.

I understand that this may be a feature that’s embedded and that cannot be altered easily. And that’s OK But if it can be restored … or an option to adopt 9.5 style behavior (example you can tun off the option to go back from a saved wav file) … that would be helpful.


This is the same in WaveLab 10 and WaveLab 9.5 and even WaveLab 3.0.
Maybe it happens more in WaveLab 10 because this version does better change tracking.
Here a past explanation of the case:

OK … thank you. Better at tracking is the explanation for sure.

It’s probably just something I need to get used to.

Thanks as always.