FEATURE REQUEST: Retrospective Record on multiple tracks

I use retrospective record constantly as a matter of habit, and often I’m record-arming several MIDI tracks at once to audition doublings of instruments (while playing back the sequence). Then when involking retrospective record, only the first track gets MIDI printed to it. It’s a tedious process of copy & paste to fill in the other tracks. I do this dozens, sometimes hundreds of times daily. I’ve had to script some macros to help me “work around” this issue, but it’s still several extra steps that shouldn’t be necessary.

I know you can use the old fashion “record” button. But I don’t want to RECORD every single time I improvise a part. RECORD -> UNDO, RECORD -> UNDO, RECORD -> UNDO, RECORD is gimmicky. PLAY, PLAY, PLAY -> RETROSPECTIVE RECORD is far more efficient. The efficiency is lost, however, when then having to copy it to multiple (sometimes a dozen) tracks because I use large layered configurations with my instruments.

It strikes me that this shouldn’t be a very difficult feature to implement and would be a huge time (and hair) saver!

Sounds interesting…

How exactly wold you want that implemented? Everything in the buffer to all tracks, a filter per pitch, a logical editor thing?

Everything in the buffer to all armed tracks would be a perfect start. Would probably take 15 minutes for Steiny to implement and test (from my experience in my coding days…)

That’s funny, 15 minutes to code. I imagine you’re exaggerating to make a point and no offense is intended.

One might include the feature testing phase, another 15 minutes, and don’t forget responding to forum threads complaining about a change required to implement said feature, 2 years. :laughing:

I was merely waiting for you to chime in :wink: I was half joking - I just mean the code is already there to print to the FIRST armed track, it should be somewhat trivial to add a routine that just continues to print it to any other armed track.

I’m not in the habit of making feature requests that are laborious to implement.


Anyway, I think it would be great for the retrospective record function to be expanded.

I agree with the OP. This would be a nice addition to Cubase.

I know Logic has this, except it doesn’t exactly buffer all tracks being played, but rather it buffers one track and just clones the same MIDI region to all the selected tracks. Then, if you want to keep that region on whichever track, you just do Cubase’s equivalent of “Bounce MIDI” in Logic and it turns that region to a “real” region.

You probably mean it aliases the MIDI clip? Been a while since I’ve used Logic…

For Cubase, I’d be happy with just plain MIDI regions being laid in, as it appears on the first track.