Feature request: RETURN/ENTER clicks highlighted button

I would love not having to leave the keyboard to hit a highlighted button. For instance, in almost every option/dialogue box, there is an APPLY button that is highlighted. Hitting ENTER should trip that button, but it doesn’t. Thank you!

I am not having this problem with my computer. All highlighted “Apply” buttons can be activated with the Enter key.

Not true for me. Some buttons respond this way, but it is not consistent. I can’t find anything in key commands that lets me address this.

The Return/Enter does not invoke the Apply button. If I am in Layout Options, and change the staff size, hitting Return just opens the staff-size menu. If I click on Apply, Return has no effect on Close. I have made no changes to the Preferences. I just assumed it didn’t work that way - I’m sure if I wanted it, I could go into the Preferences and get it to work ( I think). But, I have just become accustomed, so it’s not a big deal for me.

For Mac apps, it is standard for the ENTER/RETURN key to aways click the highlighted button. This kind of consistency is very valuable and helpful.

On MacOS, Enter executes the Default button in a dialog, which is filled in Blue, and cannot change. The Highlighted/Selected button can be changed, and that is executed with Space. But Dorico is a cross-platform app using the Qt framework.

For me, Enter seems to work on the highlighted button: In Engraving Options, Close is highlighted, and actioned with Enter, until I change a setting, then Apply is highlighted, and Enter executes that.

That explains it - thanks! No big deal, but it’s good to know that I hadn’t somehow messed up the settings.

I’m in Windows and rely on Enter. Sometimes I can’t see the Apply and Close buttons because they fall off the bottom of my screen (even in F11 mode which I use most of the time). So I get to the last box in, say, the File Information window (Cntl-I), hit tab and enter and that works.