Feature Request: Revive option «Favour speed» for waveform display


In WaveLab 5 > Preferences > Display, there is a section called Waveform display containing two options: 1) Favour accuracy (peak detection) and 2) Favour speed. I believe the Favour speed feature was dropped with WaveLab 6 and has not returned since.

With reference to my attached screenshot example, option (1) renders the «WaveLab 6-style» waveform while option (2) results in the «WaveLab 5-style» waveform. Both waveforms display the exact same source.

Feature request

Please revive the option to choose between Favour accuracy (peak detection) and Favour speed.

Favour speed is very helpful for editing and general navigation when working with compressed/loud audio.

The problem with the old option, is that peaks might be missing. Not so good…

Merkaba, have you seen the “favour speed” type display in any other programs? As I mentioned in the other thread, I tried this in Wavelab 5 with a typical major label pop file that looks like a solid block all the way through (like the Wavelab 6 waveform at the right edge of your picture), and the “favour speed” waveform was amazing. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Even in Wavelab 5, it was an option, not the only choice. Would be interested to see this in another program, if anything else does this.

+1000 !!!

I had asked for this when that option disappeared back in the day. PG, I understand your concern about missing peaks but that option was always available before in accurate mode. However, modern commercial mastering signals are living way, WAY over 0dBFS. Nearly all my montages look like solid blocks. As it exists now, navigating from verses to chorus to solos by the waveform display is just hopeless.

Favour Speed was an inaccurate yet beautiful lie that magically provided all sorts of useful feedback. Would love to have it back.

Noted. Hopefully for next (big) update.

Wonderful, Thank You :slight_smile:

Hi bob99,

Sorry about the late reply!

No, I haven’t seen anything similar in other programs. As a result, I’ve stuck with WaveLab 5 ever since the «favour speed» option was left out.

Would LOVE to have it brought back in a modern-day version of my favourite mastering DAW!