Feature Request : Right click to choose and switching Select/Hand

Tired of typing the letter H all the time on my computer keyboard. How about just doing right click and put the fonction Select/Hand at the top of the list just before Copy?

Are you overlooking the existing icons at the bottom of the screen, perhaps? Or the fact that you can override the default behaviour temporarily by holding Shift?

Here’s an idea for the Dorico team:

Add the ability to add custom commands to right-click menus. Then users can cherry-pick their favorite commands for quick access. It can even be called “Custom Quick Access Menus”. With such a menu, you can add that user-defined function to your menu. Someone else can add a different command (such as a custom script/macro, or another favorite Dorico function).

In most GUI systems, right-click menus are supposed to be contextual. They don’t contain any old mish-mash of commands that you commonly use, but relevant commands to the current context. That’s what Dorico does currently.

How would I overlook the existing icons at the bottom of the screen by asking my question? I don’t get it. And how can you can override the default behaviour temporarily by holding Shift? I don’t get it either. What holding Shift is suppose to do regarding typing the letter H or clicking the Hand icon?


I don’t understand your question. Shift allows you to alternate between drag and marquee-select. That’s just what it does…

Did you try it?

It seems to me that moving your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen and clicking once is quicker and easier than right clicking, moving your mouse to the top of the context menu then left clicking. That’s why I mentioned the existing icons. But if you’re really asking for a fourth way to do something with the knowledge that there are already three ways then don’t let me get in your way.

To dankreider and pianoleo,

Sorry if I brought confusion here, but english is not my first language; I speak french. I don’t understand why dankreider talks about «Shift allowing you to alternate between drag and marquee-select» and what it is exactly. All I want to do is NOT clicking on the Hand icon, NOT typing the letter H on my computer keyboard, and just right click to get the context Menu where I could alternate between Select or the Hand at the top of the menu. Also, I agree with doricoJourney: we should be allowed to completely customize that menu according to the context of the user and not be stocked with what Dorico think or decide concerning the context of the workflow. It is just a mater of «souplesse» for the benefit of the user, that’s all. No biggy here. Hope I didn’t bring more confusion.

Why are you clicking on the hand/marquee buttons? Why are you typing H? What is it that you’re doing that requires you to click those buttons or press that key regularly?

I’m not suggesting that they aren’t useful functionality, but it would be really good to understand your use case.

It is for listening purpose. I’m still learning composition, and I check regularly what I’ve just written. I solo/isolate sections, instruments alone or batch of instruments, listen to the result and check errors, strange things, etc… I may be too carefull, but my skills in composition are what they are now. I take courses with a private teacher though. So being able to select and deselect to get the Hand in order to navigate in the area of the page where I am working are paramount to me.

In composition, I am a bit of what we call in french an «apprenti sorcier». But its so fun…

Then holding shift should be a good solution for you.
You can select notes normally, but holding shift it changes temporarily to the hand mode - that means as long as you hold shift, you can move around.
Now I hope it actually works like that in French keyboard layouts as well :wink:

Thanks Sascha :wink:

Just tried your solution. Works perfectly. I have a qwerty keyboard (french-canadian). So no problem. Thank you very much for your help everybody.I didn’t know that fonction in Dorico and somehow I should have knew…


You’re welcome. And to give proper credit, I just expanded on what I think Leo was trying to tell you before :slight_smile: