Feature Request: Right Click to Set Expression/Articulation

It would be so nice to be able to right click on a note and set it’s articulation from the expression map. With orchestral works it becomes so tedious the way it’s done now.

We kinda had the same idea working on music, too funny. What is your impression of my idea?



Wow, great! I like your ideas, but I like to be able to set articulations to notes by right clicking. I think it would be quicker that way. If it’s cursor based, I have to worry about cursor alignment. A few times it has happened where it’s off on the alignment and I have to go back and adjust.
Another cool thing would be to even color notes based on articulation. Just like we have Chord Track, have an option on “Articulations”.

Sometimes I need to select a set of notes and set the articulation. So select notes, right click, and set articulation. It would make my life so much easier!!

Well, the problem with right clicking in Cubase is the tool menu… wouldn’t you think? I don’t think they’ll mess with that.
You could consider selecting the notes and click/double click/shift click or control click in the Inspector Tab!
That would be pretty cool, right?


May work. I don’t want to worry about alignment. Any way that makes setting articulations easier and more intuitive. I think with note expression they already do this with right clicking.


Not only for articulations, but also for note placement. Allow for a drop down menu with all possible length values (or at least the most common). Selecting a note or a range using the drop down, it should also be possible to change note values to that selected from the menu; this should also apply to articulations/expressions.

Allow for a customizable vertical placement hierarchy within the menu for groups, based on frequency of use - (e.g. Articulations at the top of the menu, note values below, followed by tools etc.).

The mouse right click menu should be customizable so that those that prefer an uncluttered option could still have that. Ideally each editing window could have its own customizable menu - the Arrange/Project window has different requirements/tools from that of the Score editor.

Right mouse clicking saves time by not having to travel across the screen as frequently (especially if you have a large one) or change to the keyboard, for data input.

Perfectly said!!!