Feature Request(s) and Observations


I’m using Nuendo 12, and from since before, however I have noticed a few problems, or else issues that I would like to be addressed at some point for the program, namely:

  • Switch off Autoscroll/suspend when dragging scrollbars, or using the pointer to navigate the timeline

also, in relation to Track Archives:

  • Import track archive with tempo map, AND markers, as standard


  • Allow multiple different track types to be selected and soloed/muted, at once, while having separate solo modes, for key and drum editors

other features, for composers, would be:

  • Always quantise range in drum map, so that even beats are selected and not arbitrary timeframes

In addition, regarding Automation:

  • Allow continuous automation updates, while in cycle mode


  • Export to changed directory, with text entry available

These would all be sensible changes, for Cubase/Nuendo, and I’d gratefully updgrade as soon as V13, becomes available.

Enjoy, the best DAW System, on the planet!