Feature Request: SAMPLER

This is for BOTH Mac AND Windows…


I JUST started using it, so Im not sure of all its features, but it imports .wav and maps it automatically across the keys. This is EXACTLY what I needed at the moment, maybe some of you as well? I was thinking about using Kontakt 5 PLAYER to do this, but it only allows 15 minutes of use? The full version of Kontakt is a bit out of my price range (even more so, for what I would need it for), so this fits both the bill and my needs. :slight_smile:

Not even sure why this is even such a heated debate … for such a modest request.

Not everyone needs a sampler that cost almost as much as the host program.

Simply something we can kindly drop a wav file into and play it across the keyboard as its own instrument. :confused:

+1! Well said!

I sure am glad I found a solution! Forking out $350+tax for Halion, or $400+tax for Kontakt, ONLY to map a damn sample across some keys, would be…IDIOTIC. Im sure there are other samplers out there that may be less expensive, but it’d still be a WASTE of money.

In a world FULL of CONSUMERS though, the solution is ALWAYS, to consume, no matter how ridiculous! :wink:

Thanks to everyone on this post that has made sincere, affordable and reasonable suggestions, BTW!
I will be trying & testing out alot of them til I find my groove! :smiley:

The heated debate will always exist. After adding a simple sampler to Cubase, as suggested here, people will start complaining of how Steinberg made it so limited, and is robbing their money. Like there is always debate about the usefulness of the Cubase included EQ, multiband compressor, metering, score inputting etc, etc. Not to sound negative, and I agree a simple sampler would be a useful addition.

I get what you’re saying, but at least one would be there to use. At that point it would be a fair suggestion to buy or upgrade to a more functional sample player (sampler) and motivation to do so.

Fortunately this post has unearthed some pretty cool free and low cost alternatives and I feel like that what this discussion should bring about. Rather than naysayers turning up their nose at request that they don’t have anything positive to add to. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed, y’know? :unamused: