Feature Request - Scrolling mixer when dragging plugins

First, being able to drag plugins around the mixer is AWESOME. And being able to use ALT+drag to create copies of plugins is even better.


I have noticed that when trying to drag plugins to channels that are not currently visible on the screen, the mixer will not scroll. For example, let’s say I have a plugin on channel 1. I want to move it to channel 65. That’s a long way to drag, and the mixer will not scroll over. Please add this ability.

Thank you,

You can hide all tracks between them (2-64) quite fast. :wink: I can imagine, it’s faster sometimes, than long scrolling (I have around 400 tracks in my template). But yes, I agree. This feature will be helpful, I can’t imagine, why it shouldn’t be in Cubase.

This gets my thumbs-up…

+1, that sounds like a sensible request :slight_smile:


Hi there,

this request seems fair enough, so I have forward it to our product planning department.