Feature request: Scrub

A finale user for 29 years, I finally saw the light and switched. Dorico seems to do all that Finale does, plus a lot more. And it has yet to crash, a common FInale occurance, (and effectively a continuous one when the Miroslav VST is loaded).

The one (and so far only) item I miss is “scrub,” a feature whereby one can hear a chord by dragging over it. I work around this by lowering the tempo to q=10, but would love to see the explicit feature.

Otherwise delighted

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Thanks for the suggestion, Charles. This is on our wish list for future versions.


Yes, please! I miss Scrubbing Playback terribly when composing. I thought it must be somewhere hidden in Dorico’s features and I just can’t find…

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For the sake of completeness (and so you don’t have to waste any additional time searching), there’s not presently any scrub function.

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Thanks @dankreider for pointing this out. For me, this is one of the most missed features after switching from Finale. Scrub playback is extremely useful when orchestrating. I hope it will be implemented in Dorico 4.

For reference, this is a feature description from the Finale blog:

Scrubbing Playback
If you’d like to simply click on any measure to play it back, or would like to quickly hear just one instrument of your score, this is a cool trick.
Hold down two keys (on Windows press Ctrl+Spacebar, on Mac press Option+Spacebar) while you pass the mouse over the area of music you want to scrutinize. As you do you will hear the sonorities involved, with full instrumentation. This action lets you hear only the area you want to hear when you want to hear it.
To hear a single staff, add the Shift key to the other two keys. Now you will hear just one staff at a time as you pass your mouse over your music.
I’ve heard this described as an “Audition” feature as well as “Scrubbing Playback.” No matter what you call it, it’s a time saver.

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I second this request (and third it and fourth it, etc.) This is the prime feature I would like to see, and, as far as I am concerned, the only Finale feature missing. I am otherwise completely enamored of Dorico.

Hi everybody,

Perhaps I don’t clearly understand but you can do that with Noteperformer.
Just hear selected instrument and so on.
Watch the video

It isn’t a complete solution, but you can play back selectively by selecting a series of events (has to be more than one) on a single or multiple staves, and then initiate start playback at selected (I use the floating palette, but I believe there’s a keyboard command too)

Found myself fighting a particular passage yesterday - selecting bars /parts and using “P” a lot. So thinking… the slow part of that process was in the moving around - which you would still be doing with scrubbing. (Editing and then going back, etc.)

What if there was a "sticky play " So that “Alt P” whatever would play the last selected/sticky section even as I’ve moved the edit cursor around and done stuff?