Feature Request: searching in Preferences and Options

Hello all,

Dorico is a beautiful yet complex program, with a lot of preferences and options.

Having the possibility to quickly search in all preferences and/or options and opening automatically the proper dialog when clicking on the search result will improve a lot customising the score.

Thank you.

Yes!! Reaper does a good job at this.

One challenge is that there at least three places that present long lists of options.

In any case, I 100% support this request.

Well, I started this, but I don’t have the time to finish it without help! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FGbQuM334jinQAW05QXcN8sR2j2y4C6LUHafXNOiQOA

Sometimes my equivalent of what is being suggested (having some sort of global search of all possible options in Dorico system-wide) when I’m on a deadline has been for me to post here and ask if anyone remembers where a certain feature I know or presume exists is (after unsuccessfully trying to find it myself first). So - as well thought out as the program obviously is in terms of settings - I do still find it difficult to figure out where certain things are at times, and having some sort of global search would be most welcome. Having said that, I should also add that I always hated the solution with the Sibelius’s ribbon - where you would type in what you were looking for in the upper right and it would somewhat inelegantly put a spotlight on the location you should be clicking on (since this seemed to have the unintended consequence of further underscoring how hard it was to find things in the first place). So as with everything else, I presume Dorico’s solution would be more elegant and thought out :slight_smile:

Sorry to add the following but I’m a software developer after all…
I like the idea of a global search somewhere in the toolbar but, as robjohn9999 has pointed out, instead of a spotlight it could open a dynamic popup menu with the matching solution being updated as you type, and when a menu item is selected the proper dialog opens already focused at the right place.

We do have plans to allow searching inside the various options dialogs, but it’s non-trivial for a number of reasons. It’s not something we’re going to be working on in the immediate future, but since the program will only continue to grow more sophisticated over time, we know that we will have to tackle it sooner or later.

this is great, Dan! How can I help? Assign me something so I’m not duplicating yours or someone’s work…

I made a Workflowy with Dan’s document. It searches quite well, see screenshots.

Very nice!

Feel free to have at it. What you see there is all I’ve done, and I won’t be able to revisit it for the next month or so (unless someone finds a way to create a 26-hour day…)