Feature Request: Select All Tracks In Folder

This is needed in multiple instances, but my use case is this.

Folder Group Editing only works for uniform events that are perfectly aligned.

‘Select Events Under Cursor’ and Preference: ‘Auto-Select Events Under Cursor’ will only select events for tracks that are selected.

Both these “problems” leave a bit of a workflow gap, of which the feature request would solve.

The protocol of this feature should operate in such that either the FolderTrack, and or, at least one track inside the folder is selected for it to work. ie, The FolderTrack itself - does not - need to be selected, just one track inside the foldertrack.

This would allow someone to build a selection macro:
-Select All Tracks in Folder
-Select Events Under Cursor

I’ve created a demonstration using PLE and audio track targeting

This saves the user from
a.) Always having to select all the tracks in the folder.
b.) Always having to drag select events. and
c.) always having to have 'Track Selection Follows Event Selection On" which is my current work around (which still requires b.) but is sometimes counter-productive in which A.) is better.