Feature Request: Select Channels with Events Under Cursor

There’s a way to do this with certain preferences enabled and using a series of commands in macro,

but, if for some reason you can’t have those preferences enabled, then the macro won’t work which thus leaves a workflow gap in which this command/function would fill.

Essentially, the way this can currently work is like this:

Preference: Track Selection Follows Event Selection: On (this is sometimes annoying to have on)

-Select All
-Select Events Under Cursor

As you can see, I do this in this gif

The other way this could be accomplished - my method would be much more accessible if the ‘Preferences’ key command toggles were broken up into individual on/off commands… but that might not even really solve it now that I think about it, because there would be no way for the macro to know if the preferences is already off, or already on.

So I guess, my FR for this function to be built in stands.

The other way it could potentially be done, is if PLE had ‘Under Cursor’ as a target.