Feature Request: Select Same

I’ve already thrown in my 2¢ regarding adding Filter to Engrave Mode and the right-click menu. This morning, another idea came to me: “Select Same.”

The concept is that you’d select an item, e.g., a pedal line, then right-click and choose Filter > Select Same, which would select every pedal line in the piece.

This could be a real time-saver for mass deletion of items, stem length changes, voice selection, and position adjustments in Engrave.

Respectfully submitted.

This is already on our wish list for the future, Tony.

Well, in that case, hooray! Thank you, Daniel.

Ran across this in my posts and realized… wish granted. Love you guys.

Will this includes also the selection

  • of all kicks on a drum set staff without other instruments
  • or of all snares on a drum set staff without other instruments

“Select More” doesn’t work on a drum kit currently, but that’s a great idea. Since these are technically on “separate” staves in one sense.