FEATURE REQUEST: Separate playback routing for divisi

That’s it, that’s the request!

Can you expand on this a little? I find that as long as I use independent voice playback, I can route these two voices through separate channels, use a different program for each one, and successfully hear arco on the top stave and pizz on the bottom stave.

Using this, wouldn’t the top voice be using the same channel for “unison passages” as well as the “Solo”? I’m trying to create a template where a string section staff would by default be played back on a channel with Spitfire Symphonic Strings loaded, but if the staff is is divisi, each divisi voice would route to a different channel, loaded with Spitfire Chamber Strings (or Solo Strings, say, in an example like the one you’ve provided)

If you want to use two different voices for “solo” and “section” passages on the top staff staff, you can. If only one voice on a staff contains music, it makes no difference to the appearance of the score which voice it is, or whether it has up or down stems.

View / Note and rest colours / Voice colours helps to keep track of what you are doing.

Things may get more complicated if you need two voices to notate double stops, etc, but there is no limit to the number of voices you can use.

OK, sorry, it took me a while to figure out what you were saying. This does work for me, but I’m getting a few odd scenarios when the assigned voices interact with divisi. If I have a string section divisi into two equal sections, I believe I should be able to assign Upstem Voice 1 to the Tutti, Upstem Voice 2 to 1st half of the divisi, and Upstem Voice 3 to the other half (3 separate MIDI channels)? When I do this, however, Dorico seems sometimes to be creating other sets of voices. And I have a scenario now where the same “notes” are identified in the lower left corner of Write mode as “Upstem Voice 2”, but appear “Upstem Voice 3” on the piano roll in Play mode. Is there an interaction between divisi and voices I’m not understanding? Thanks!

The numbers you see in Play mode don’t take staves into account, whereas the ones you see in Write mode are numbered according to the staff they are located on. This can make them a bit difficult to correlate.

OK, thanks! Yeah, it would be helpful if there were an easier way to correlate the voices in Write vs Play mode. Right now I am just visually matching up the notation to the MIDI data