Feature Request: Shift+E for Copy to


I often use the “Duplicate” function to Copy Music passages above and below. Still, it would be helpful to have a feature to copy a specific path to a particular instrument using a pop-up window. I noticed that the “Shift + E” key combination is not currently used, so why not create a pop-up feature? (E for Cop-EE)

Please take a look at the attached pictures.

Thank you.

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there’s already a feature/function that’s very similar.
maybe try that?

select the notes you want to copy, then Alt-click at the rhythmic position you want to insert them.

I have to say I do like the idea of a copy function that replicates almost the same movement as inserting a cue (as in a pop-up that allows you to type in the target staff)

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I am familiar with using Alt and click, but in larger scores, my idea is more advantageous. Sometimes, you may need to quickly copy a passage from the violins at the bottom to the flutes at the top of the score.

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Huh? Where did you figure that hotkey out? :astonished:
Looks pretty good.
By the way RZDorico, you can manage instrument filters at the moment, should help more.

Alt-click is the basic paste key. Whatever is currently selected will be pasted to the click point. I use it a lot for pasting slurs, but there are many, many other uses.