Feature Request - 'Show Chord Diagrams Used at Start of Flow'

I have a book made up of many flows, most of which I’d like displayed with chord symbols (not diagrams), in the usual layout - these are all gathered together in a custom flow. But on a handful of the flows I would like the option above to be toggled on or off - so that some pages would show the chord diagrams used at the top, with the given excellent options in layout options, within the Flow Header template or whatever, but with other pages not showing the diagrams at the top - I’ve tried to set this per layout - custom score, or clarinet, but despite they showing perfectly on the part layout of the clarinet, they of course disappear on the full score / custom score. If it could be possible to switch these on per instrument, per flow, or somehow import the way the part looks, into the custom score, it’d be awesome! Right now I’m exporting SVG files and bringing back in as graphics on Ricardo’s excellent suggestion. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback, Ian. I’m not sure how we could best introduce the capability to prevent Dorico from showing the chords used frame at the beginning of individual flows, but I’ll think about it.

Thanks Daniel,
I like the way that one can create a system break at the start of a flow, select it and then in the lower zone dialog, ask it to show for example the instrument names, overriding the master layout settings where they’re hidden for all flows ordinarily, to display in just that one place?
Perhaps another option on the system break to be able to ‘switch on’ the chords-used display at a system break? Alternative would be to have an option to draw a frame into the flow header template, and be able to tell it to populate it with the chords used. This can help with the formatting too if there’s lots of chords as can set the upper and lower margins when the header template is applied?
{@FlowChordsUsed@} ??