[Feature Request] Show flow number in "Layout Options"

Dear developers and users,

In “Layout Options”, there are “Show above flow heading” and “Hide above flow heading” for “Flow title in header” as follows:

I would like to suggest to add the same thing for “Flow number in header”.

How do you think about it?

That’s something you can adjust by setting a different flow heading to be the default one. Or are you saying you want the flow number to appear in the header? If so, again, you can edit that via the master pages.

Yes, you are right! I know it.

Please look at the followings:
In Default of Master Page, I edited the head as follows:

I want to hide the followings on each page where “Flow Heading” appears.

I can hide {@flowTitle@} via “Layout options”. It is very simple.
However, I should edit each page in which “Flow Heading” appears. It is repetitive works, and it is not simple if the project has lots of flows.

Currently, I removed {@flowNumber@} to resolve it because showing the flow numbers on each page is not a must for this project…

I also have this request. It would be nice to hide the flow number from the header above a flow heading automatically.

In the attachment you can see the first page of a flow. Flow number is 2, using roman numerals. The flow title is hidden from the header, but the flow number isn’t.

Change the token in your Master Page(s) to show what you want: {@projectTitle@} might be one option.

It’s possible to find a workaround and I’ve found one which is to create a custom Master Page and apply it to the first page of flows. But it would be nice to this feature incorporated automatically as so many pieces are in the form of

Project Title
I. First movement title
II. Second movement title


You can use the combination of tokens {@flownumberromanupper@}.{Flowtitle} in the default masterpage’s header (I use it all the time)