Feature request: Show Tracks with Data at the Cursor Positio

Hi. There’s a useful feature for me: “Show Tracks with Data at the Cursor Position”.

When I’m working into a large project (more than a hundred tracks maybe), is very useful to show only tracks with data where you’re working. So you get the events along all the entire project all together in every cursor position. If there’s selected to synchronize with mixer it’s a great feature too because you get all the tracks at the mixer to work in.

What I’d like is to “hold” this feature updating all time the events shown meanwhile cursor is running (as proyect is playing, as you move the cursor).

I would like to know if other people find this feature useful and Steinberg take a look about it.

Honestly? No.

The feature exists, I’m only asking for a continous update of this status. I think it’s very easy to implement.
If not I’ve to look around the arrange window all time, and when track is found, same at mixer console

It’s probably not that hard to implement, I agree. All you’d need is a regular update, say every 0.5 - 1 second or so, I’m guessing. But on the other hand that’ll be a lot of switching. To me it seems that perhaps it’d be easier on a music session, depending on how one works, but for post I don’t think it’d be usable.

Suppose I’ve got my average post-session before me: I might have 4-5 dialog tracks “checker-boarded” , and the same with sfx. So every half second or so my entire workspace has to update. Right now it takes at least a half second before the update is complete which may be due to my older computer, but still… I can’t imagine this not wreaking havoc on my projects.

You’re right, it can be hard about updating the workspace. Now I can change the visibility setup and it does very quickly, so I think it can be implemented without any trouble for the graphic response, I don’t know, but it’s an idea.

When I’m working into a post project most of time is to find the track and event to work in, it’s the reason to ask for this feature. Since “Show Tracks with Data…” is available is much better the way to do, but I’ve to select it all time from the visibility menu and no shortcut or key command is available. At least if you could assign a key command it would be pretty useful.

Ups, I’ve realized that key shortcuts are available for these purposes.