Feature Request -Simple Midi Transpose button

First of all I’m a long term Cubase user but please correct me if I’m missing something. Usually when I want to transpose a midi track, its to raise or lower by octave so whatever I’m playing has the desired range for my keyboard.There should be a simple button on the midi track lane to raise each midi track in octave increments. In order to do this now I have to open a midi insert and use a midi modifier then use the switch to raise or lower. This shouldn’t be so difficult. Just one button to raise or lower the track or at the very least a pop up like there is in Loopmash

Anyone agree?

Yep, I’m with you :slight_smile:



i’m not shure about it. There is the infoline in the project window, where you can transpose selected MIDI part in semitones increments. Am I wrong or is it not enough?

Are you wanting to do this while recording? Yes +1 for an input transformer quicky button please. But then again, I tend to use either the next octave up or my octave-up/down button on the keyboard.

For playback at different octaves, I have [ and ] programmed as down and up octave for the selected parts (is this the default or did I do this ages ago?). Also Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-] for up/down one semitone. But I also use the info line transpose especially if I’m using ghost parts (e.g. doubled bassline using a ghost part but only one instrument needs octave down). Also, in the key editor the up/down cursor keys move the note up/down by one semitone, and also the keys go up/down one octave (or at least, mine do, see earlier comment!!).


Aloha M,
I too have set up Key Commands for this.

Works in both the Project window and the Editor windows.

I select what I want to change:

1-either a part(s) in the Project Window
2-an event(s) in the Editor Window,

I then hit the Key Command for either
8va↑ or 8va↓ and ‘bob’s yer uncle’

I use it all the time.


Thanks for the feedback an ideas ,however ,let yourself think much,much simpler . What I want to do is jump a midi track up or down in increments of an octave just so it will be compatible with a desired range of the internal of external midi instrument I’m playing. This should just be a simple button on the track. No inserts or range seeking or even have to do a macro. This was a common feature on hardware synths and hardware sequencers
This has to come up often for folks with a short range keyboard.

I just use the -1/+1 octave keys on my MIDI controller. [Shrug]

Inside Cubase it’s easily done in the infoline: just insert a number.
Otherwise,every keyboard controller have this function

Or, just use the mouse wheel to raise or lower by semi tones. In Windows, that is, 'don’t know about Macs…


I appreciate what you both are saying although I haven 't tried either. First ,every controller or synth doesn’t have this, especially ones over 10 years old… More importantly, my point is that a majority of times the reason for shifting a midi track has to be matching compatibilty of range (for a short key controller) for instruments and its usually by octave. Just a simple button to jump by octaves with a single click is what I mean. Two extra steps of accessing the info line and entering a number or using the wheel from the keyboard is more than should be needed.

There should just be a jump by octave button in my opinion.

But there IS a simple button to jump by octaves with a single click. And you don’t need to enter a number, use the scroll wheel, or access the infoline.

There are four buttons available in the toolbar, part of the ‘Tranpose Pallete’:

  1. Move up
  2. Move down
  3. Move up more
  4. Move down more

1&2 are for semitones, and 3&4 are for octaves. See - so there IS a a jump by octave button.

Now, you can jump by octaves several different ways.

  1. When in the key editor, use a KC (key command) for select all, then click the move up more or move down more button

  2. When in the key editor, use a KC for select all, then use a KC for move up more or move down more

  3. Set up a macro to tie those two KCs together; so one KC will jump all of your MIDI data by one octave - that’s one click of the kbd.

You can not do this, however when you are in the project window. So, say you don’t feel like performing the extra step of opening the Key Editor - no prob. The Logical Editor has two functions you might be interested in:

  1. Transpose +12
  2. Transpose -12

Open the KC panel, and search for those, and then assign a KC to either or both of those. Voila! Your entire MIDI track (or multiple tracks) up an octave or down an octave with one click of the kbd. And that works both in the Key Ed., and in the Proj Window.

I use this all the time. I wite a line for cellos, that needs to be doubled one octave down by the basses. So, I click+drag the cello part to the bass track, and then click F10 (Transpose -12). And I am done. Can’t get much easier than that.


I just dial in +12/-12 semitones in the info bar. Works fine for my needs.

Do you mean in the midi track list?
It would have to be at least two buttons for up and down, and that would only be for whole octave transpositions. I’m not convinced that it’s the right place for specific functions like this.

By the time you’ve finished the feature request you could have changed octave a few thousand times.
I’m glad I’m not a “+1” thinker. I just do it because it’s simple to do. And don’t tell me it’s progress. Progress needs thought behind it. :mrgreen:

Highlight notes, hold shift, hit the up button. Done. Definitely no sweat. Fingerwork is good exercise for a keyboardist as well. :mrgreen:

Certainly a feature request is advanced to get the idea in front of developers and to see if it gets traction among fellow users. In this case it seems a few folks here are convinced that a single click up and down button already exists in the multi step,convuluted processes that they’ve personally become familiar with. Not sure how clicking on a field and then using a scroll wheel and then making sure that you stop at 12 instead of eleven is the same as a button .

I think at this point the request is up against a united opposition dug in for the purpose of opposing something that they have a personal way of doing so why don’t we let this go.I’ve done the same thing to others in the past so I recognize the rational.

If a developer reads this then please consider a button (or 2 for up/down) on the midi lane with all other track controls to raise or lower the entire midi track by one octave.This could be selectable as are all other controls for the user to display or not. I don’t want to edit notes or go into the info bar and scroll or write a macro or open the logical editor to use the transpose palette to drag notes just to do something that should (to me) just be a simple track at once button.

Thanks all for reading and responding


Of course there is opposition to your FR. You can’t have a FR for somethign that already exists. That’s like asking for the ability to open the ch settings with a KC. You cant ask for that - it’s already there.

Do you need me to show you where the buton is?

Jeff: Why are you shouting? Why don’t you calm your self down and re-read my feature request. As you state in your posts THAT I READ, the transpose palette only works in an editor. As stated I don’t want to open an editor or get involved with the ill-logical editor. The request is for a simple button on the track lane. Again, if you have something that works for you ,fine. I am allowed to request features that may be outside of your personal wheelhouse

There is currently no simple one click solutionfor transposing an entire midi track at once when in the project window.

I am calm. Just because I type in caps does not mean I am throwing a shit-fit.

So, what you are telling me, is that the video that exists on my server of me using ONE click to transpose an entire midi track at once when in the project window doesn’t exist? That video is a figment of may imagination - is that what you are telling me?