Feature request: single-page centered view

I would like to request an addition to the ways in which pages are displayed. Currently there are four of those: spreads horizontally and vertically, and single pages horizontally and vertically.

My problem with the two single page modes is that they do not keep the pages exactly centered. Instead they truncate a portion of at least one of the margins and show empty space adjacent to the opposite margin. (See attached image.) In addition, Dorico doesn’t do this consistently: the truncation and empty space vary in size from one page to the next.

This behavior annoys me, as it rather jarringly disturbs the visual flow during scrolling or playback. Additionally, it makes obtaining neat-looking screen captures from Dorico playback harder than it needs to be.

Thanks for reading!

If you select a zoom size so that the entire width is visible, then the pages will scroll down perfectly aligned. (For Single > Vertical).

I can’t see any problem with Single > Horizontal.