Feature request - Slur Positioning

Hey there,

I’m taking a deeper look into the notation and engraving options at the moment to set up my prefered style.

I came across the “Slurs Over System Breaks” parameter, where you can define the horizontal offset from the last bar line, when a slur crosses from one system to the next. Who’s with me and would love to see a vertical version of the parameter too, to define, that open slurs at the system end maybe end 1.5 or 2 spaces above the staff lines and not so close to the top or bottom line, so that you have to manually adjust every slur crossing systems?


Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-10 um 16.53.20.png
Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-10 um 16.52.20.png

This one’s been on the todo list for a very long time. The development team have committed to doing something about it in future.

That’s good news. I thought that this might have come up before, but haven’t checked the forum for this.
I’m just randomly coming up with stuff as I go.

I doubt that the vertical positioning problems over system breaks can be solved with a setting. The trick is getting Dorico to recognise all possible contexts. I have high hopes for the team!