Feature Request Smart bypass on all plugins in the Montage

I did a search and though I didn’t immediately find a request I know I’m not the first to request this.

Apart from smart bypass in all montage plugins what would really help, and probably more so in Cubase/Nuendo would be a group bypass button in the plugin graphic that would allow all “grouped” plugins (loudness compensated of course) to be bypassed with one click or shortcut.

If added to that you could also have an inverted add to group option then complex A/B setup could be quickly made.

Just to clarify, probably unnecessarily, the invert function:- When the group bypass button or shortcut is made the bypassed plugins are bypassed while the inverted bypass plugins become active, and subsequent shortcut operations toggle back to group bypasses active, inverted bypasses inactive.

This would be very useful in WL but a game changer in Cubase/Nuendo

This feature is regularly requested, indeed.

I personally would like to have the same smart bypass thats currently on the Master Section to be available on the Inspector as well…