Feature-request: Snap to Zero-crossing in Audio Montages

I really wish the option to have the cursor go to the nearest zero-crossing was available in Audio Montages. This is because if I want to make a gapless album for digital release such as Spotify, first I have to split the tracks in the Audio Editor using its “Snap to Zero-crossing” feature and then import the files in the Audio Montage. Extra work and steps that do not need to be there. And if I want to find tune the start of the gapless track, I need to go back again to the Audio Editor and make the change and then re-import the file or have its markers imported again. Not convenient or elegant.

can’t you quantize markers or splice markers from the CD wizard or markers menus? that moves things to zero crossings… yes? (someone please confirm! as i run into this wish/solution often)

if using CD wizard use Pause set to “0” zero
maybe you mean something else !?

regards S-EH

With this function, this is quite easy: