Feature Request - Song Level control of Global Stack volume

Can I make a plea for more control over Global Stacks at Song mixer level please.

I have a Global Stack handling an external synthesiser. The volume of the patches in this unit vary tremendously and it would really be painful to go into the synth and reset them all. At the moment if I alter the Global Stack level in the Song mixer it affects every song. If there was a switch in the mixer channel that allows me to override the Global Stack volume within the mixer without it affecting every other song that would be amazing and would save me having to add a stack in each song. I also have a local Layer that selects the synth patch, and I know your first thought will be to use the MIDI volume slider but this is counter-intuitive: Surely the intuitive place to control volume is in the mixer. If I can adjust it in the mixer I can see it more easily against the level indicator and the other channels. Also the volume variation on this particular synth means that I have a wide range of midi volumes which can be hard to control.

I hope that makes sense.

Hi @CliveJ,

thank you for your thinking and request. Yes, this area is already on our stack. Just give us some more time to find and implement a good solution.


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Thanks Michael,

I was thinking either an override toggle in the mixer track or a setting similar to what you already do for shared layers volume in preferences, but Iā€™m sure whatever you come up with will work wonders.