Feature Request - spacebar to stop/play when the small EQ window is open

Not sure if this classifies as a feature request, or more like a bug report - but with Cubase 13’s new pop-up EQ curve window (which is super awesome!), where you can do some detail curve/filter/gain edits on the fly, I noticed that while it is open, the spacebar no longer allows me to stop/play the transport. I have to move my mouse and wait a few seconds for the EQ window to go away, then spacebar returns to normal operation. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work when the pop-up is open, so it’d be great if that could work in a future update. Thanks!

On my Windows PC the space bar still starts/stops playback when the EQ popup window is open. It even works while dragging a filter node.

Hi wing, thank you for the report. This mac-only issue has been fixed for the first maintenance release. Best regards

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