Feature Request: Start SpectralLayers on different screen

As far as I see there’s no possibility to force SL 10 Pro to start on a second screen (in Windows 10). It would be helpful to have that option if you want to work with Cubase and SL seperately (not in ARA-mode) and have the main window of Cubase on first display and SL on the second one. In that case, if I don’t move SL manually to the other screen and it’s processing something it’s difficult to access the main window of Cubase.

Pretty sure (but not certain) that this is controlled by the OS. You could create a Workspace & Key Command in Cubase to move it to the 2nd screen. Don’t know if SL has Workspaces.

Don’t know about Windows but under MacOS if you open SL as an ARA extension in Cubase it will open where it was the last time you run it, i.e. on the 2nd screen.

If I don’t run it in ARA mode it means that I am running two separate apps simultanuously and I believe it would then be a matter for the OS to place the apps on the screens respectively, like with any two apps.
Mostly Cubase and SL will then be placed where the were when quit the last time they run, not where they were when opened the last time. Since there appear to be a ghost in the machinery it might not happen every time though.:face_with_spiral_eyes:

It’s a good idea, and these are the type of feature suggestions I like (and there should be more of in Cubase)

In mean time, Workspaces is the way - I have mine bound to KCs.

Another way if you are on PC, I’m certain Auto-Hotkey could do this.