Feature request: Stave spacing

When I’m laying out parts in an orchestration, it’s common for the last page of an instrumental part not to fill the entire page.

At the moment, these staves are just punched together at the top of the page according to the minimum distance set in layout options.

I would LOVE it if it matched the spacing of the previous page.

I realise this wouldn’t suit everyone, and experience tells me that people will chime in both with reasons not to do it, and ways to achieve it currently, but i’d just love it to be automatic!

Cheers everyone, back to laying out this orchestration…

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Whilst tedious, usually this just requires moving a few staves (I find it easiest to type the values in the blue boxes, rather than drag the staves around and hope to align!)


See, it’s the “tedious” part that seems very un-Dorico!

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You might find that changing the size of the music frame produces the desired result without manually moving staves/systems.

When the frame becomes shorter, it requires fewer systems inside it to go above the fullness % threshold you’ve set for vertical justification in the layout.

You can either resize the music frame as a page template override (ie just on this page).

Or, if this occurs frequently in the project and fairly consistently, create a page template that’s based on the Default page template, but make the music frame shorter. Assign this page template to any page with fewer-than-average systems.

Or, don’t bother with any of that, and if appropriate for your parts in general: increase the Ideal Gap for between systems, and increase the threshold for vertical justification to something very high. That way, the systems on your last page (as well as all other pages) will be further apart by default, but won’t justify to the full height of the page until it’s very full.

Experiment and see which method works better for you.