Feature request - stereo and/or mono inserts

I would like to request that both the master section, AND the inserts in the montage have the ability to switch a single stereo effect slot to become a dual mono effect slot. This way, if we want to affect something only on the left side for example, we can very easily load a mono plugin on that side, but the right side can remain unaffected. Obviously the latency would have to be added on the unaffected side as well to keep things in sync.

Anyway, I think this would be amazing for mastering work - M/S type stuff in particular. It would be best if each effect slot had an option to be either stereo, or dual mono.


This is seriously considered for next version.

I like this idea, and I like the concept you’ve shared with me. I look forward to seeing it in v9!

Thank you PG! I’m excited about the possibilities of this!

And timely replies with answers…often good…is the reason I continue to update Wavelab.
Thank you PG.