Feature Request: Stereo plug-ins on mono channels transform the channel to stereo

I would like to request that when a stereo plug-in is loaded into a mono channel insert, that the mono channel converts to a stereo channel automatically, just like Pro Tools. That way, we don’t have to do any work-arounds or special routing to get a stereo effect from a mono channel.
There are reverb and delay modules inside plugins, like a guitar amp sim, or iZotope Nectar that have these modules inside of them. When using Studio One, the user clicks a button on a track in the arrangement window to go from mono to stereo. In Pro Tools, it’s automatic once you load a stereo plugin.
If the stereo plugin is removed, the channel would either go back to it’s original state (like Pro Tools), or there would be a button toggle on each channel to pick either mono or stereo processing (like Studio One).
I feel like this one missing feature prevents me from wanting to mix with Cubase. I’d love to see Cubase become more mixer-friendly and this would pretty much seal the deal for me.