[Feature Request] Subfolders for channel strip selector

I like the channel strip thingie, more so than the mixer. It’s same same but different. It’s more stuff!

If there are lots of tracks though, and you want to go from a near the top to one near the bottom you use the little selector drop down menu. It’s fins as long as you have only a few tracks. As your track count goes up the list grows outside the screen and you see an insanely slow scroll wasting your time and patience. It’s just a mess and a pain and
it’s hopelessly useless.

Why not use the Folders from the Track List in the Project Window to show up in the channel strip selector?
Just as an arrow. Let’s say you had loads of percussion tracks that you just don’t wanted to see right now. If you had them in a Folder in the Project it could look like this:
Percussion >
and if you hovered over the “percussion arrow” an extended list of percussion tracks could unfold.
You could group all MIDI Tracks, B Vox and whathaveyou Tracks and the list channel strip selector would be manageable again? :sunglasses:

Good idea.